12 Mar

Feed by M. T. Anderson

Identity crises, consumerism, and star-crossed teenage love in a futuristic society where people connect to the Internet via feeds implanted in their brains.

For Titus and his friends, it started out like any ordinary trip to the moon – a chance to party during spring break and play with some stupid low-grav at the Ricochet Lounge. But that was before the crazy hacker caused all their feeds to malfunction, sending them to the hospital to lie around with nothing inside their heads for days. And it was before Titus met Violet, a beautiful, brainy teenage girl who has decided to fight the feed and its omnipresent ability to categorize human thoughts and desires. Following in the footsteps of George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., M. T. Anderson has created a not-so-brave new world — and a smart, savage satire that has captivated readers with its view of an imagined future that veers unnervingly close to the here and now.

0.5 Star

Oh where to start… ok, first of all, they’re not star-crossed lovers. Get your definitions correct. Also, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING COMPARING THIS TO ORWELL!? (yes, that totally deserved an interrobang) Ok, I’ll stop fuming and give an actual review now…

Plot: The premise was interesting, the execution was horrible. It was very confusing and the world building wasn’t very good. It seemed pretty random and chaotic to me. Not to mention that every other word almost was a swear word and there were some pretty disgusting stuff thrown in.

Characters: Flat. Static. Boring.

This book was worse than Twilight, and if you know my view about Twilight, then that’s saying something…

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Posted by on March 12, 2012 in 1 Star, Reviews



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