But God . . .

26 Feb

But God . . . by Casey Lute

Whether from the pen of Moses, Paul, or other biblical authors, “But God” appears in various forms hundreds of times in the Bible. To understand these two words as they are used in Scripture is to understand the gospel. This book focuses on nine of the most important appearances of this key phrase, drawing in numerous other passages of Scripture and in the process unfolding the magnificent drama of God’s sovereign grace—from his mercy on Noah to our security in a resurrected Savior.

Taken together, this collection of brief Bible expositions provides a big-picture overview of the consistent way in which God has chosen to save sinners. It has always been by his might, his power, his grace, and his initiative.

5 Stars

But God . . . is one of my favorite books now. As seen from the description, Lute traces this phrase throughout scripture. Reading through each of the examples that Lute has chosen highlights my own inability to save myself or even do anything good apart from God as well as God’s own grace and mercy toward me. It propels me to take a closer look at all of my circumstances, find the “but God” moments in my own life, and then worship God again for His amazing grace.

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